by Helen Hartmann 

Pompke is another hip little café serving coffee and cake. But hang on! It’s a bit more than that. For starters, it’s not located on the high street in town or in the upcoming neighbourhoods — it’s a little out of the way, which is ideal if you’re biking to the dunes of Meijendel or out walking in the Nieuwe Scheveningse Bosjes. The café itself sits between a busy cycle path and a road, but despite this, there’s a cosiness to it that has been lovingly crafted by the owners.

Also, the staff running this place are sweet-natured, have a sense of humourand know what’s important; hot coffee, so by that I mean coffee that’s the right temperature and served immediately. Hot coffees and really, really delicious cakes. There is also an All-Day Lazy Breakfast section in the menu (I’m a fan) and sandwiches go way beyond broodje gezond (ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato).

It’s cute, it’s cosy and someone has a good eye for detail — from the seating on the terrace (which includes wheelchair friendly tables, hand-crocheted blankets and heated cushions for colder days) to the nicely handwritten menus and signs and the best koffiehuis toilet ever!

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